The history of our community begins only as recently as the 1970’s, when the Lord began to stir men and women with vision to see an apostolic missions base centrally committed to night and day prayer established in the city of Tauranga. Many years passed as unseen and unknown intercessors contended for God to bring this vision forth to a realistic expression, and He led many hearts carrying this vision together until teams traveled to and from Kansas City, eager to see a similar expression in the Bay of Plenty. At the close of the millennium, a kiwi intern (Aaron Walsh) and an American Bible college student (Kristi Walsh) helped pioneer the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC), which has been 24/7 since 19 September 1999. In 2005, the Walshs relocated from IHOP-KC to Tauranga, connecting with Dave & Sue Cole (leaders in YWAM), as well as others given a similar mandate from the Lord. It was with this small plant team, a “band of Gideons,” so to speak, that the Tauranga House of Prayer (THOP) was established.


In February 2006, young adults began to gather daily in this city, united in the place of prayer and fasting. Each of the years since has been devoted to contending for revival, revelation and all things in-between; believing one day for the knowledge of God to come afresh both in kiwi country and across the earth, to see justice triumph over the iniquity and immorality of man; believing that prayer and missions will marry again, to establish a missions-equipping base devoted to the education of biblical doctrine. For years, this community has assembled, centrally committed to the vision for ceaseless worship and adoration to arise from the ends of the earth unto the throne of the Most High.

In 2012, THOP released a team of intercessory missionaries to plant an apostolic missions base in the Middle East. In the same season, a kiwi team from Nelson arrived to plant a church (Hope Centre) in deep relationship with THOP. We are excited to have you with us as our story becomes your story.

ISAIAH 24:14-16; 42:10-13; MALACHI 1:11; COLOSSIANS 1:18


What began three generations after man’s exile on the fringes of Eden became the anthem of a nation, carrying them through captivity in Egypt to a covenant at Sinai. Centuries passed and around 1000 B.C. their king established the first 24/7 prayer & worship ministry, referred to as the “Davidic Order,” embraced by seven subsequent national leaders in Israel. The monastic movement bore Alexander Akimetes and the order of the Acoemetae (“the sleepless ones”) in Constantinople in the fifth century according to laus perennis (“unceasing prayer”; see I THESS 5:17). This order had a lasting impact through the development of monasticism that eventually influenced the Benedictine rule of seven hours of prayer.

Meanwhile, St. Patrick pioneered ministry work in Ireland that sustained civilisation as the Roman Empire crumbled, leading to Comgall’s foundation of the famous Bangor monastery according to rigid rule of incessant prayer and fasting; this lasted for several hundreds of years. In the early sixth century, a monastery in Switzerland established laus perennis until around A.D. 900 when incessant corporate prayer was silenced across the earth until a German nobleman gave his land in Saxony to the Lord. Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf partnered with Moravian refugees in 1722 to establish a community called Herrnhut (“the watch of the Lord”) and five years later experienced such a mighty outpouring of the Spirit the community dedicated themselves to LEVITICUS 6:13 and incessant worship was once again offered to the Lord for over one hundred years. Moved with the zeal of the Lord, members of this community gave themselves to global missions; some sold themselves into slavery to take the gospel to the unreached. The impact of this community is immeasurable; through the Moravians, the “father of missions,” William Carey, and John Wesley came to faith.

In recent years, the Lord has stirred His people to establish perpetual prayer on a global level: Seoul, South Korea (1973); Chichester, England (1999); Kansas City, Missouri, USA (1999) are all cities in which 24/7 prayer has been maintained. As the embers of this fire have scattered, the earth is now illuminated with laus perennis, the song the Church will sing until He returns.

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